The Secret of Effective Prayer – READING GUIDE – Week 1 Chapter 1-6


Helen Shoemaker

The Secret of Effective Prayer

Glenda Brunson developed Reading Guide 10/7/2011.

Week 1 Chapter 1-6


1. What is prayer? Page 14


2. What does Dr. E. Stanley Jones tell us about prayer? Page 15


3. Read pp 15-17.  What do we learn from Tom’s experience?  Name three things learned.



4. What were J. B. Phillips thoughts? Page 21 and 22.


5. Read page 22, what are the last two paragraphs about?


6. What do we learn about Napoleon Bonaparte?  Page 23-24.


7. What did the author say about Isaiah? Page 24


8. What is page 25 about?


9. What are Christ’s three weapons?  Page 26


10. Name the four obstacles to faith. Page 26



11. What does the author say about thought transference?  Do you agree?



12. What can Christians do? Page 27.



13. Where does turmoil and war come from? Page 27.



14.  What is Jesus’ way to avoid war?  Where is it found in Scripture? Page 28.



15.  Is evil stronger than God? Page 28-29.



16.  Read page 30. What assurance is there for Christians against defeat/fear?



17.  What was the dying man’s greatest fear? Page 31-32.



18. Why had the Communists declared war on all North Korean Christians? Page 33.

19.  How were the Communists carrying out their attack? Page 33-34.


20.  What did the North Korean Congregation do? Page 34.


21.  How long was it before the North Korean Congregation reunited? Where? Page 34.



22. What was their reunion like?


23. What did they covenant to do?  What was the result?  Name four things that happened.



24.  How many North Korean Christian Refugees went to Pusan? Page 36.



25.  How long were they there? Page 36



26.  What made it safe for them to plan to return to Seoul? Page 36.



27.  What did they covenant to do before leaving Seoul? Page 36.

28. Read 1 Corinthians 6:2, what are the Saints to do?


29. What is the miracle of the saints?  Page 37.


30.  What is prayer, anyway?  Name three things.  Page 40.





















One thought on “The Secret of Effective Prayer – READING GUIDE – Week 1 Chapter 1-6

  1. Glenda Brunson says:

    I started the course over today, I love the definition of Prayer on page 14, did you see it? “Prayer is a force as vital as eletricity, a force that can be utilized only by those who love and trust God…..” Maybe this is why some of our Prayers haven’t been answered. What do you think?

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