The Secret of Effective Prayer-Week 2 Chapters 7-12 Reading Guide

Helen Shoemaker

The Secret of Effective Prayer

Glenda Brunson developed Reading Guide 10/15/2011

Week 2 Chapters 7-12

Reading Guide

  1. Read the nine Suggested Secrets of Effective Prayer, which two speaks clearest to you? Pg.44




2. What does the author say is the most important essential of effective prayer? Pg. 46




3. How do we develop a relationship with Jesus? Pg 46




4. What won’t Jesus do? Pg. 46




5. How should we start our day? Pg.47




6. How does Jesus introduce us to God? Pg. 47




7. What does Jesus mean by “Father”? Pg.48




8. What does Jesus wish for us to see? Pg. 49




9, What does William Temple say about the name? Pg.49




10.  Who does Jesus command us to pray for before praying for ourselves? Pg.50 Discuss please.




11. What did Jesus do to establish His Kingdom? Pg. 50




12.  What happens when we kneel to pray? Pg. 51




13. What do we learn from the author about fasting? Pp. 53 & 54.




14.  Discuss the “Minute of Peace.” Pg 57



15. Whose will is bent when we pray? Explain Pg. 61




16.  After prayer, did Mrs. N. get her husband back?  What did Mrs. N. resolve to do?  What was the outcome?  Pg. 62&63





17. What should our attitude towards God be? Pg.64





18.  Read the “General Confession”.  Any comments? Pg.65





19. What does the author say the church is not? Pg.67





20. What does the author say is the symptom of prejudice? Pg. 67





21.  What happens when we refuse to forgive our brother his trespasses? Pp. 69&70




22. What is forgiveness?  Pg. 70





23. Our forgiveness of others must be like what? Pg.70





24. What did the Lutheran chaplain do? Pg. 71





25. How did his attitude help the author? Pg. 71





26. Talk about the widow and her son, what do we learn?  Pp. 73 & 74


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