The Secret of Effective Prayer – Week 3 Chapters 13-17 Reading Guide

Helen Shoemaker

The Secret of Effective Prayer

Glenda Brunson developed the Reading Guide 11/4/2011

Week 3 Chapters 13-17

Reading Guide

1. Whose business is it when other people behave negatively towards us? Pg.77


2. What is a benefit of becoming redemptive? Pg. 77




3. Who are the most difficult people to forgive? Pg. 77




4. What is the author’s simple solution to a husband/wife who has not found their way to the Lord? Pg. 77




5. What is the formula for forgiving ourselves? Pp. 77&78




6. How do we forgive God? Pg.78




7. What did Jesus place at the very heart of His perfect prayer? Pg.79


8. Name the seven (7) facts about the Holy Spirit. Pp. 80 & 81




9. What is the Holy spirit seeking to do with us? Pg.81




10. Explain what the author’s husband meant by saying, “ Religion today is largely the imitation of an example when it ought to be the hearing of a voice. Pg. 81




11. Why is silence and listening important? Pp. 81 & 82




12. What did you learn about the Holy Spirit from the story of Peter and the Roman Centurion? (Acts 10-11) Pp. 82-84




13. Why is it important to listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Pg. 84




14. What does Jesus say about releasing/channeling spiritual energy? Pg.89




15. Discuss the phrase of The Lord’s Prayer, “Deliver us from Evil.” Pg. 89



16. A person is divided into three (3) parts, name them please. Pp. 90 & 91




17. What is the meaning of John 1:5? Pg. 91




18. Discuss the healing of the child on pg. 92.  What was the outcome for the parents? Pg. 93




19. Why do we fail to see the answers to prayers when they come? Pg. 94




20. What was the first thing Mrs. R did when her doctor gave her his diagnosis and the prognosis? Pg. 95 &96




21. What did Bishop Pardue say about people who are facing death? Pg. 96




22. Describe the “Prayer Circle”. Pg. 96




23. What were God’s gifts to Mrs. R.? Pp. 98 & 99.




24. What did you learn about the powerful Christian’s breakdown? Pp. 99 &100.




25.  What makes Good Friday “the deepest and most wonderful day of the Christian year?” Pg.101




26.  What is Easter? Pg. 102




27. What does the author say we think of death? Pg. 103




28. What is the Christians attitude towards death? Pg. 104




29. What is Jesus’ greatest claim? Pg. 104




30. What has God told you, through this Bible Study?


One thought on “The Secret of Effective Prayer – Week 3 Chapters 13-17 Reading Guide

  1. Glenda Brunson says:

    Question 5 asks us for the author’s formula for forgiving ourselves? She suggested
    “try to remember that God loves you, that God loves you much more than He judges you. He tries to bring us to see our sins, yes, our failures, and things we do to put up barriers between ourselves and other people and Him. ” Pp 77-78.

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