The Secret of Effective Prayer – Chapter 22 The Power of Prayer Groups – Chapter 23 The Power of United Worship

Helen Shoemaker

The Secret of Effective Prayer

Glenda Brunson developed the Reading Guide 11/27/2011

Week 5 Chapters 22-24

Reading Guide

1. What four (4) values does the author give to prayer groups and participation in united prayer?  Page 147

2. What does the author say about the power of a group of people, united in their intention, constant in their intercession? Page 148

3. Of the five (5) uses of prayer groups, which speaks clearest to you?  Page 149

4. Which danger should we be cautious of?  Page 150

5. What is the ideal number of people for a prayer group? Page 153


6. Why does the author state that a Prayer Group is more like a laboratory or spiritual refueling center? Page 153

7. What is the most important part of the hour together? Page 154

8. What are some of the results of belonging to a prayer group? Page 154

9. Discuss Mrs. Smith’s suggestions for a Prayer Group? Page 153

10. Design a Prayer Group outline (agenda) for your church. Use page 157 as a guide.

11. What has the Christian church contributed to civilization?  Find as many as you can.  Page 163-166

12. How can you participate with the whole church service? Page 167