The Secret of Effective Prayer – 2017

Homewords’ first Self-Study, a book review of The Secret of Effective Prayer by Helen Rice Shoemaker, will be revisited as a Group-study, starting January 2017.The study involves reading the book and following the Reading Guide to interesting points of the book. The Reading Guide was developed by Glenda and is very helpful in getting the most out of the study. Here is how the book review works.

  1. Request the Book: Get the book from Homewords Ministry by  requesting a copy. Give us a call at 727-542-4683 for Glenda or 727-742-4683 for Frank, to arrange receiving your book.  You can also request a copy by e-mail at Please include your postal mailing address with your e-mail request. There is no charge for materials from Homewords. The book is a gift to you from other members of the Bible Study group.
  2. Read the Assignments:  Follow the course outline found on our Blog pages at Scroll down to COURSE OUTLINE – THE SECRET OF EFFECTIVE PRAYER for the five week reading outlines. Read the week’s assigned section of the book using Reading Guide questions as a reference.
  3. Respond as you wish: You can comment on the book as often as you wish by putting your comments on the blog, or use our FACEBOOK page to comment there.
  4. Do you have questions? Call us or e-mail us at the numbers and address above.

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