Instructor’s Comments 2 – Lesson One – The Book of Ruth

Study Guide – Life Change Series
Ruth and Esther, NavPress, 1987

Lesson covering pages 9 to 20, continues with important historical information on The Judges, The Monarchy and Ruth the Moabitess pages 11 to 13 of the guide book. These three headings offer excellent information to give you a grasp of the time period and how the Israelites were governed. The book suggest you skim the story, and make some initial conclusions as you answer questions 1-6 on pages 13 – 17. Remember these conclusions are the result of quick reading and initial thought. The story will be covered in more detail in later lessons.

Finally, don’t forget the study skills highlighted in gray. The Study Skills will give you insight on the subject and important aspects of the Bible Study. They also will guide you in the expected areas of discussion which the group leader will follow. As always, if you have questions, send them to

Thank You for joining us in this Study.
Rev. Frank Brunson


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