Coming In September

Eight Anniversary Month

In September we will celebrate out 8th anniversary with two events in conjunction with our Bible Studies. Our “pot luck” Bible Study, will be held on Saturday September 7, 2013 and the “Kick Off” of the study of Esther on September 28, 2013. Visitors are always welcome, but are especially welcome for both of these events. The Bible Study Schedules are attached. For information call Glenda at 727-542-4683.

Question and Answer Blog

The first response to appear in our “Question and Answer” feature will be posted in September. The question, “How do I know what God’s will is, what does He want me to do?”

For a number or reasons we feel this is an important question, because as Christian growth takes place, we move from concentrating on “what God can do for me” to “as God’s creation, why did He create me and put me in today’s time and space?” We are answering this question first because we feel its answer is at the center of Homewords Ministry’s existence. We have found many disconnects between traditional church membership with traditional worship services, and true service to Christ and the cause of salvation. In truth we have found many Believers want to get on board to do the will of Christ, but feel that many traditional churches do very little to foster the growth and experience to do so. These churches spend much time concentrating on maintaining the organization instead of focusing on getting the people ready and helping to maximize their spiritual gifts for true Christian works. At Homewords, we feel that the key is knowledge and understanding of The Bible. Understanding what is expected is the beginning true service, so we welcome the challenge of this question on the September blog.

You will also note that scriptures are being posted often. Please note that because the focus of the “Question and Answer” in September is “God’s will for my life” our Scriptures are centered on the subject of God’s Will.

Thank You to All

Finally we want to say thank you to all who follow Homewords Small Group Bible Study Ministry. We come to you through WordPress, Facebook, e-mail and post mail. Please share the message that God has given us with others, as we would like to add to our posting. We ask that you pray for God to continue to guide us and that we stay in His will and way.

Frank and Glenda Brunson


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