Naomi -10 Points for Bible Study 7/25/2015

For our lesson of Naomi, found in Ruth 1; 4:13-17 and our workbook, Women of the Bible, 52 Bible Studies for Individuals and Groups, by Jean E. Syswerda. The lesson is found on pages 75-78.

  1. Naomi’s name means “My Joy” or Pleasant. (2, page 75)
  2. Naomi’s husband dies while in Moab, Naomi’s sons marry Moabites, Orpah and Ruth. (Ruth 1:3, 4)
  3.  Naomi suffers a threefold tragedy – the death of not only her husband but her 2 sons as well leaving her with 2 young daughter-in-laws who are childless and can not support her. This tragedy creates a childless widow (Naomi) too old to remarry, worthless and empty. (2, page 75; 3, page 22)
  4. After learning that the Lord had come to the aid of his people, Naomi and her daughters in-law prepared to return to Bethlehem. (Ruth 1:6)
  5. Naomi in asking both daughters-in-law to return to their own homes believed she had nothing to offer them. (Ruth1:11 & footnote)
  6. Naomi express her sorrow and seems resigned to what she attributes as the will of God. (Ruth 1:13)
  7.  Upon her return to Bethlehem, Naomi urged she be called “Mara” which means bitter. She has been brought home empty, bitter and filled with misfortune. (Ruth 1:20, 21 & footnote)
  8. Naomi’s transformation was about to begin as her arrival in Bethlehem was also the beginning of the barley harvest. (Ruth 1:22 & NIV Introduction to Ruth)
  9. At the conclusion of the book, Naomi was blessed by God bringing her from emptiness to fullness through the love of Ruth and Boaz.  She adopts their son Obed as her own. (Ruth 4:16 & footnote)
  10. The Baby Obed is Naomi’s go’el (kinsman-redeemer) and through him she will have descendants. (Ruth 4:14, 3, page 50)
  1. The NIV Study Bible, Zondervan, 1995. (All scriptures, Footnotes & Introduction to Ruth)
  2. Women of the Bible, 52 Bible Studies for Individuals and Group, Jean E. Syswerda, Zondervan 1999
  3. Life Change Series, Ruth & Esther, The Navigators, Navpress 1987
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