Question and Answer

Quite often Glenda and I are asked questions regarding Biblical Scripture or Christian Discipleship. Over the years we have found that many of the same questions keep coming up. With this understanding, that there is a need to address questions regarding our Faith, we are starting a “Question and Answer” component on our blog.

If you have questions about the Bible or Discipleship practice, perhaps we can help you. Refer your questions to us, and we will give a Biblically-based answer, with the Scriptural references. In our responses, we will attempt to keep our answers “fundamentally Biblical” attempting to avoid denominational slants, and to the best of our ability, where denominational issues arise, we will do our best to indicate them and the differences.

To get started, send your questions by email to We will answer as many questions as possible. All answers will appear on the blog at We will not give your name or personal information, but you will know your question when answered. Remember, If we can help we are available for you. At Homewords Ministry, we are called by God to be a teaching source, so you can personally learn more about how to understand Biblical Scripture, on your own, through the Aide of the Holy Spirit.



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