Being with God for all eternity would be like a totally complete state of peace and satisfaction. Such a state is not attainable by mankind alone, since as we know, man is a creature who is never satisfied—-we always want more.

The best method for me to describe this is by example. Some time ago, my primary care physician referred me to a hematologist because of abnormal laboratory results. On the day of my appointment, when I was almost at the office, I looked at the referral form and realized that I was almost an hour early. I telephoned to check and see if I could come on in anyway and I heard this message…. “office of hematology and oncology”. I thought, “this is a cancer doctor”. Of course I had heard this same salutation when I initially made the appointment. This time, however, my heart suddenly began to race and I felt this overwhelmingly sense of anxiety and fear. As I entered the office, I noticed the waiting room was practically full. My perception was that not a single person was at ease, not a smile was visible. As I sat down, I said to myself, “I will not submit to any feelings of anxiety, fear, or worry; fear is not of God; I am a child of God; I trust Him; and I am covered by His grace”.

Even more quickly than the negative feelings had come, I felt an instant sense of calm and peace. It could be likened to a sudden feeling of warmth on an extremely cold winter day. I would imagine that being with God for all eternity would be like having that feeling of warmth all the time. It could also be likened to the feelings of a child who is totally secure and happy being in the arms of a loving parent.


“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7