The Secret of Effective Prayer-Week 4 -Chapters 18-21

Helen Shoemaker

The Secret of Effective Prayer

Glenda Brunson developed the reading Guide 11/15/2011

Page 114-146

Reading Guide

1. Discuss Alice’s experience with united prayer. Pg. 115-118.

2. What is the lesson being taught in Matthew 6:6? Pg. 118

3. Did Jesus believe in united prayer? Pg. 118. Read Matthew 18:19

4. How does God regard intercession? Pg. 118-119

5. What is the High Priestly Prayer of John 17? Pg. 119

6. Who is glorified in this prayer? Pg. 119

7. What is the Chabburah Fellowship? Pg. 119

8.How can we keep this Fellowship alive today?

9. What happened in Acts 1:14? Pg. 119-120.

10. What does the author say about group prayer? Pg. 120

11. What is the family? Pg. 121

12.  What blame is laid at the feet of world leaders? Pg. 122

13.  Why can’t we expect a healthy society? Pg. 122

14.  How does the author liken the family to an orchestra?  Pg. 122

15. Who should conduct the family?  Pg. 122

16.  What is God’s position at our homes? Pg. 129

17. Explain the author’s view of the importance of “obedience in small things? Pg. 133

18. What is prayer according to Page 134?

19.  How did the prayers change? Pg. 136


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